Introducing Trackstar: The First Ecommerce Monitoring Platform

Daniel Langer
January 3, 2023

Hello World!

Daniel here. My co-founder Jeremy and I couldn't be more excited to announce the launch of Trackstar (YC W23), the world's first ecommerce monitoring platform. Over the past year, our team has been hard at work building Trackstar and getting the product into the hands of awesome brands. Read on to learn more about why we are bringing monitoring and observability to the ecommerce industry.

Operating a brand has become increasingly daunting in recent years due to the explosive growth in ecommerce enablement tools. With so many systems in place to handle orders, advertising, email marketing, subscriptions, discounts, customer service, and inventory – it is overwhelming for even the most experienced operators to manage the tool sprawl.

This makes it nearly impossible to catch the issues and bugs that constantly appear within the ecommerce stack (e.g., broken landing pages, leaked discount codes, misconfigured accounts, broken checkout flows, and dozens more). If left unaddressed, these types of issues result in lost revenue, wasted spend, and most importantly, unhappy customers.

Today, brands discover these problems in one of the following ways:

  1. After-the-fact data analysis (often times across many disparate portals),
  2. Delayed customer support tickets, or my personal favorite,
  3. Luck

Unfortunately, given how difficult it is to catch these issues, brands find themselves reacting after it is already too late. With no existing solution to proactively address bugs, the status quo for operators is to constantly lose money from otherwise preventable problems. To complicate matters further, effective communication and collaboration between teams is often a challenge, making it difficult to triage issues in a timely manner.

That's where Trackstar comes in. Monitoring, tailor-made for ecommerce operations.

We are the first solution designed to help ecommerce operators proactively catch, prevent, and resolve issues before they impact the bottom line.

How it Works

  • With our library of one-click integrations, brands can connect the tools in their ecommerce stack to Trackstar within 5 minutes. No code, no pixel, no impact to site speed.

  • Once integrated, automatic scanners scrape APIs, test user interfaces, and listen for changes. For every issue, we calculate and assign a dollar impact, so operators can quickly prioritize problems.
  • Trackstar doesn't stop at identifying issues – we also offer flexible real-time alerting. Teams receive notifications via Slack or Email the minute an issue arises, allowing brands to proactively take action before it impacts P&L.

Our mission is to transform ecommerce operations by bringing monitoring to an industry that desperately needs it. Dozens of brands are already using Trackstar to improve operations, increase revenue, and sleep better at night.

If you are interested in learning more, join Trackstar’s waitlist today! P.S. Our fastest onboarding to date took 3:52 seconds. And our customers on average see a 10x+ ROI within weeks of onboarding!